Towards increased access to inclusive quality education, a protective environment and positive youth engagement opportunities for Syrian and Turkish children and youth

General Information

Title of the action

Towards increased access to inclusive quality education, a protective environment and positive youth engagement opportunities for Syrian and Turkish children and youth

Priority sector


Implementing partner

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)


Ministry of National Education, Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency  (AFAD), Ministry of Family and Social Policy, GAP administration, Turkish Red Crescent Society, other NGOs

Duration (months)

24 (Starting date: 10/09/2015)

EU Contribution (EUR)

EUR 12,500,000 Contracted under EUTF funding.


Summary of the Action

Main objectives

The overall objective is in line with the 'No Lost Generation' initiative, the UNICEF Turkey and EU Regional Trust Fund partnership will support the Government of Turkey to respond to the influx of Syrian people with the aim of providing sustained and expanded inclusive access to quality education, a protective environment and positive opportunities for Turkish and Syrian children and youth, with a focus on girls and out-of-school children.
The three specific objectives are:
1. Increased access to inclusive quality education opportunities for Syrian refugees,
2. Improved psychosocial well-being, emotional stability and the protective environment for Syrian refugee children,
3. Expanded positive engagement opportunities through peer-to-peer activities, peace building, life skills, and other informal education activities for Turkish and Syrian Youth.


Adana, Adıyaman, Batman, Diyarbakir, Gaziantep, Hatay, Kahramanmaraş, Kilis, Malatya, Mersin, Osmaniye, Şanlıurfa

Target groups

School-aged Syrian and affected host community children and youth, with a focus on out-of-school children and girls.


1. Physical conditions for learning restored and improved.

2. Syrian teachers are motivated and equipped to ensure child friendly classroom management, and provide Psycho-social Support (PSS).


3. Communities reached with access to key information on education, and child protection.


4. Capacity of MoNE to plan, implement and monitor education interventions strengthened.


5. PSS services provided by staff counsellors in Syrian schools.


6. PSS outreach in host-communities expanded with a focus on specialised GBV services.

7. Capacity of MoNE to manage PSS in schools strengthened.

8. Peer-to-peer activities with the aim to build social cohesion among youth are undertaken by trained adolescents.

9. Trained NGO partners reach out to vulnerable youth with the aim of promoting positive coping behaviours.


10. Life-skills including Turkish language classes provided in informal settings.

Main activities

1. School and classroom rehabilitation.

2. New Pre-Fab school construction.

3. Provision of teacher incentives to Syrian Teachers.

4. Provision of trainings on GBV and life skills training.

5. Community outreach and campaigns on education.


6. Case management and referrals.

7. Creating a network of trained Syrian School Counsellors.


8. Establishing access safe spaces with a focus on girls.

9. Provision of specialized psychosocial services and referrals with a focus on SGBV.

10. Peer-to-peer information and support session for Syrian and Turkish youth in host communities.

11. Community based peace-building activities amongst youth to encourage positive coping skills.

12. Provision of Turkish language classes.

Main outputs

1. 148,000 children enrolled in quality learning environments.
2. 12 schools reaching 12,960 children constructed and/or rehabilitated in line with MoNE standards.
3. 40,000 children benefiting from educational materials.
4. 1,500 education personnel receiving incentives.
5. 3,700 education personnel trained in PSS and improved teaching techniques.
6. 105,000 children reached with PSS in school.
7. 2,000 children and youth benefitting from specialized GBV and PSS services.
8. 250 Temporary Education Centres with appointed school counsellors.
9. 250 Syrian volunteer counsellors, educational personnel and Turkish teachers trained in PSS.
10. 90 NGO partner staff trained on GBV service provision.
11. Two girl safe centres established and operational.
12. 10,000 Syrian and Turkish adolescents and youth engaged in peer information and support sessions from youth leaders.
13. 3,000 Number of youth benefitting from community-based peacebuilding activities.
14. 3,000 youth including out-of-school adolescents achieve proficiency in specific skills.
15. Ten provinces where social cohesion and peer information and support sessions are systematically provided to adolescents.
16. Improved capacity to facilitate peace building sessions with youth for eight NGOs.


Progress of Action as of July 2018

State of progress

Completed as of 09/09/2017.