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Promoting gender equality in working life

Promoting gender equality in working life


Given the importance of gender equality as one of the main principles of the EU’s social and employment policies, the issue is a particular focus during the harmonisation process of Turkish with EU law. Extensive progress has been achieved, with many gaps with EU norms and regulations identified and overall awareness increased. As Türkiye aspires to complete its harmonisation with EU gender equality norms, expert assistance was required to complete the remaining steps in a timely manner, particularly as regards the need to study related case law and strengthen relevant institutions.

The project’s aims and core activities

This project’s objective was to align Turkish legislation with EU gender equality requirements and to improve the capacity of institutions responsible for their implementation.

Under the project, experts from two EU member states assisted their Turkish colleagues in analysing EU directives on gender equality and equal opportunities as well as related case law from the European Court of Justice. This approach enabled the identification of shortcomings in key labour, civil service, and social security laws. The experts then produced a report containing legislative proposals and amendments, which the social partners and public institutions could consider when preparing new laws.

Another output of the project involved the strengthening of human resources capacity in the Ministry of Labour, Social Services and Family, the Social Security Institution (SSI), and the State Personnel Presidency (SPP). Improving staff capacity was critical for the success of the overall aim of the project, as these agencies are primarily responsible for alignment to the relevant EU laws and thus play a very important role in promoting gender equality in working life.

Finally, an extensive publicity campaign was carried out to increase awareness of the need for gender equality in working life, which included a competition to select the most gender equality-sensitive companies. Ministry of Labour, Social Services and Family has continued to hold this competition.



IPA I (2007–2013)


  • Budget: €1 million (EU contribution €950,000)
  • Province: Nationwide
  • Status: Completed in 2012