Promoting Integration of Syrian Children into Turkish Education System

General Information

Title of the action

Promoting Integration of Syrian Children into Turkish Education System

Priority sector


Implementing partner

Ministry of National Education (MoNE)


MoNE, Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD)

Duration (months)


EU Contribution (EUR)

300,000,000 EUR Contracted under FRIT - IPA II funding


Summary of the Action

Main objectives

The overall objective is to contribute to the access of Syrians under temporary protection to education in Turkey.
The specific objective is to support the Ministry of National Education in its efforts to integrate Syrians under temporary protection into the Turkish education system.





Expected results

1. Access of Syrian students to education increased.
2. Quality of education for Syrian students increased.
3. Operational capacity of educational institutions and staff improved.

Target groups

Syrians under temporary protection, host communities, Turkish authorities in charge of educational services

Main outputs

1. 390,000 Syrian children both in and out of school received Turkish language training.
2. 10,000 Syrian children both in and out of school received Arabic language training.
3. 10.000 Syrian out-of-school students participated in catch-up classes to support their enrolment.
4. 20,000 Syrian students received additional back-up training to follow the curriculum at the appropriate level of education for their age.
5. 40,000 Syrian students under temporary protection received transportation service to school during a total of 13 months.
6. 500,000 Syrian children received complementary teaching materials for school (390,000 of which with supplementary material for Turkish and 10,000 of which with supplementary materials for Arabic training).
7. SuTP families participated in awareness-raising meetings in 23 provinces, audio-visual materials, 5 research reports and a draft strategy for education of Syrians in Turkey were produced.
8. Curricula were revised or developed and 390,000 Turkish and 10,000 Arabic copies of training materials distributed.
9. Examination system for determining the academic levels and Turkish language skills of Syrian teachers and students was developed; 400,000 sets of test kits prepared and implemented.
10. Psychological, counselling and counselling services were provided to Syrian students, by approx. 500 relevant staff employed schools, and other related institutions.
11. 500 Public schools and TECs benefitted from daily cleaning and security services.
12. 500 schools and TECs were adequately equipped with teaching and other supplies.
13. 15,000 teachers received training on how to educate Syrian students.
14. 2,000 MoNE administration staff will increase their capacity to handle Syrian student issues.
15. A web-based monitoring software was developed and used for project monitoring purposes.

Main activities

1. Provision of Turkish and Arabic Language courses for Syrian children both in and out of school.
2. Provision of catch-up training courses for Syrian children out of school.
3. Provision of additional (back-up) training courses for Syrian children in schools and TECs.
4. Provision of school transfer for Syrian students.
5. Distribution of complementary teaching materials to Syrian children.
6. Awareness raising on educational opportunities for Syrian students.
7. Revision, development and purchase of education material.
8. Development of examination system to determine the academic levels and Turkish language skills of Syrian teachers and students.
9. Provision of secure, hygienic and proper learning environments in schools and education institutions.
10. Provision of education equipment to schools and TECs.
11. Provision of training for teachers, administrative and other staff of MoNE.
12. Monitoring and evaluation activities.


Progress of Action as of 28.02.2018


State of progress