Promoting LifeLong Learning II Grant Scheme (to be completed by October)



EU Funding: € 147,901 (total budget of grant projects implemented in Ordu)


Duration: 12 months


Beneficiary: Ministry of Labour and Social Security


Overall Objective: The overall objective of the programme is to  provide basic and vocational skills, and competences especially for the disadvantaged and women between 25 and 64,; improve the quality of non-formal training to increase the guidance and consultancy services within LLL system; develop a comprehensive new approach to valuing learning to build bridges between different learning context and learning forms, such as distance learning , and to facilitate access to individual pathways of learning, especially in a way to include the recognition of prior learning (RPL);promote the linkage between LLL, education system and labour market, (To support networking process- To improve the cooperation and dialogue among all parties within the LLL prospective)


Main Activities supported:

  • Awareness raising actions on LLL issue
  • organizing LLL activities in accordance with the demand from the labour market
  • Enhancing Lifelong Learning Guidance and Consultancy Services in cooperation with MoNE DG LLL
  • Improving the access to lifelong learning opportunities through alternative education methods i.e. Distance education in line with needs of disadvantaged groups
  • Enhancing implementation of RPL (non-formal and informal)in cooperation of with DG LLL of MoNE
  • Enhancing the LLL Quality Assurance Services in cooperation with DG LLL of MoNE


Estimated Results:

  • Participants certified and tested in terms of vocational knowledge and skills,
  • Participants certified on basic skills courses (esp. learning to learn, foreign languages, Information and Communication Technologies),
  • People and experts/ staff having participated in the activities regarding the dissemination of LLL culture,
  • Teachers or training staff trained on new methods of monitoring (including developing indicators), evaluation and measurement the learning outcomes of individuals



Please see the grant project implemented under aforementioned program in Ordu:



Project Title

Project Budget

Grant Amount

Ordu Chamber of Commerce

Women in Business

168,709.51 EUR

147,941.37 EUR