Promoting Registered Employment through Innovative Measures Grant Scheme (completed)


EU Funding: € 205,140 (total budget of grant projects implemented in Ordu)


Duration: 12 months


Beneficiary: Ministry of Labour and Social Security


Overall Objective: The specific objective of this grant scheme is to facilitate formalization process by “promoting for magnifying formal employment/ minimizing informal employment by enabling the regional / local society innovative actions to find and implement effective ways and methods to promote registered employment in the below NUTS II regions.


Main Activities supported:

  • Facilitating the formalisation processes by Field Studies, awareness raising activities, training activities and innovative activities aims at;
  • Developing proposals and/or providing guidance for restructuring sectors and firms ( e.g. institutionalization of firms and sectors especially SME’s) with a view to ensuring their transition to registered side of the economy;
  • To promote formal firms benefiting incentives or other public services;
  • Providing new skills for labour force to work formal, informing the workers and entrepreneurs of the benefits of formal economy ;
  • Developing proposals for making it difficult for informal firms to benefit from incentives or other public services


Estimated Results:

  • Capacity of SSI, relevant institutions and social partners to promote registered employment improved
  • Capacity of SSI to conduct future internal training of staff increased by establishment of a trainer corps
  • Capacity of SSI and other relevant ministries to cooperate and act in coordination to promote registered employment increased
  • Models for inter ministerial cooperation (e.g. a monitoring system for registered employment) identified or tested in selected areas and locations
  • New common database for cross institutional use developed and in operation
  • Increased awareness at national and regional level about the importance of registered employment and the connection with the social security


Please see the list of the grant projects implemented under aforementioned program in Ordu:



Project Title

Project Budget

Grant Amount

HAK-İŞ Trade Union

Organization for Struggle Against The Unregistered Employment

 205,140.40 EUR

184,626.36 EUR