Promoting Youth Employment Grant Scheme II (completed)


EU Funding: € 462,903 (total budget of grant projects implemented in Ordu)


Duration: 12 months


Beneficiary: Ministry of Labour and Social Security


Overall Objective:

  • To increase employability of young people,
  • To increase entrepreneurship skills of the young people,
  • To improve sustainable cooperation between relevant actors of labour demand and supply sides,
  • To ensure consistency between active labour market measures (ALMP) and demand of the economy particularly for the new investment areas,
  • To provide holistic services including profiling, orientation, training, consultancy, job experiences and matching services for promoting youth employment,
  • To ease the transition from school to work,
  • To support the establishment of a stronger linkage between university and industry.


Main Activities supported:

  • Improving vocational and generic skills and qualifications of young people in line with the eligible sectors
  • Improving the entrepreneurship skills and knowledge of young people to start up their own business in the eligible sectors
  • Increasing young people’s job experiences, occupational and career knowledge via internship, easy transition from school to work via high quality guidance and counselling services


Estimated Results:

  • Young people in generic skills trainings, in vocational courses, entrepreneurship courses, internship/apprenticeship programmes,
  • People having benefited from guidance and counselling services,
  • Cooperation models developed between universities and industry/sectors,
  • Established/improved career centres within universities,
  • Established graduate monitoring systems in order to monitor labour market performance of graduates, trainees, entrepreneurs, etc


Please see the list of the grant projects implemented under aforementioned program in Ordu:



Project Title

Project Budget

Grant Amount

Ordu University

Master Hands Of Youth In Textile Project

293,410.00 EUR

248,283.54 EUR

Ordu Municipality

Ordu Is Training  Young Professionals In  The Logistics Sector

242,234.79 EUR

214,620.02 EUR