Regional Cooperation on Border Management among Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria - Phase I (jk)

- EU Funding

EUR 1,600,000


24 months (end date: 04/04/2017)

- Beneficiaries

MoI - Border Management Bureau; Co-beneficiaries: MoFA, Turkish General Staff, Turkish Land Forces, Turkish National Police, Gendarmerie General Command

- Implementing Partners


- Overall Objective

To support Turkey’s border management efforts in line with the EU Acquis and good practice by enhancing the cross-border cooperation with Greece and Bulgaria at central and local levels.

- Main Activities

Turkish Ministry of Interior (in particular Department of Border Management, General Directorate for Security, General Command of Gendarmerie, General Directorate of Migration Management), Land Forces Command, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and local authorities of the two border provinces, Edirne and Kırklareli, were among those who benefited from the project implementation. In addition, relevant Bulgarian and Greek border and migration management agencies such as Bulgarian Border Police and Hellenic Police participated in most of the project’s activities.

During the planning stage, the outputs (activities) of the project were divided in three closely interlinked components, in particular “Trust building among the three countries’ border staff”, “Development of daily contacts among the three countries’ border staff” and “Implementation of operational trainings”.

In total, 43 activities were implemented with 810 participants from all the three countries, in particular:

-           24 workshops/meetings/seminars with 479 participants

-           10 trainings with 270 participants

-           6 study tours with 61 participants

-           Provision of document verification devices to Border Crossing Points (BCPs) in the operational area covered by the project

-           Provision of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) equipment to Police and Customs Cooperation Centres (PCCC)

-           Printing and dissemination of the book “Migration Management – New period in Turkey after the Law on Foreigners and International Protection” to DGMM HQ and its regional departments


- Results

In terms of project outcomes, activities conducted have provided border and migration management authorities of all the three countries with many occasions to get together.  This was beneficial for building mutual trust, raising awareness of the benefits of cooperation and starting to establish structures and coordination mechanisms for managing common borders, both at central and local level. Moreover, the project allowed representatives of the beneficiary agencies to gain new insights, knowledge and skills on various IBM-related topics covered by numerous training courses, seminars, workshops and study visits. Turkish border and migration management received express document verification devices and ICT equipment to ensure smooth operations of recently (25 November 2015) opened Trilateral Police and Customs Cooperation Centre at Kapitan Andrevo BCP of Bulgaria. Last but not least, participants of the project’s events had a great chance to establish and maintain formal and informal links with numerous EU migration and border management experts and specialists, both from EU agencies and EU Member States, that conducted and facilitated workshops and joint training courses, as well as with representatives of these EU countries that hosted numerous study visits conducted during the project implementation.


- Other provinces where the project is implemented in, if any

BCPs: (Edirne) - Kapıkule / Kapitan Andrevo (with BG) and İpsala / Orestiada (with GR), Green Borders (Edirne and Kırklareli)