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Rize Tea Research and Application Centre Project

Rize Tea Research and Application Centre Project has kicked off to increase the competitiveness, productivity and quality of tea production sector and to carry the Turkish tea to the global markets.

A research centre is established under the project to enable producers to receive healthy quality control for their products, to get support for product diversification. 
Among the services that the facility will bring to the region are: 

  • a pilot production unit with 4 tonnes of capacity, where trial productions are carried at. SMEs can also receive practical training in this unit.
  • tea packaging unit
  • a laboratory unit to carry out required tests and analysis as well as R&D activities
  • a training and consultancy unit housing a tea library and a quality control and improvement section
  • a marketing and foreign trade unit focusing on packaging, marketing, and foreign trade.

The Rize Tea Research and Application Centre Project helps to increase the competitiveness of over 150 SMEs in domestic and international markets through new technologies and research methods, particularly in terms of quality and product standards. The Centre contributes SMEs to lower their production costs while raising their productivity by utilizing new production techniques. Those producers that don’t own a packaging system are especially benefiting from the facility.

The project paves the way to the branding of Rize tea, its promotion nationwide and internationally and also provides consultancy and training services to SMEs for entering the market.

Through the research work of the facility, the demand for the variety of tea products is being identified. By utilizing the high-tech production techniques it is aimed to develop new tea flavours, thus increasing product diversity. Such diversification will strengthen the position of Turkish tea in the local and international markets.