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Jan F Hankock Roman Araştırmaları ve Arşiv Kültür Merkezi

Roma Rights and Research Centre

The Roma Rights and Research Centre was established in Mersin in June 2017 with the aim to promote knowledge of Roma history, culture and language among Roma communities in Turkey and strengthen their common sense of identity. The centre is currently run by the Akdeniz Roman Dernekleri Federasyonu (Akdeniz Roma Associations Federation) and works on the collection and systematisation of all existing resources in Turkey and abroad on the Roma identity, history and culture; the centre supports the fight against prejudices and misconceptions about Roma and their integration into the society; it organizes different activities, ranging from trainings on effective advocacy for Roma NGO staff to outdoor activities involving Roma and non-Roma youth. The Roma Rights and Research centre gained academic recognition and started a collaboration with the Toros University in Mersin to carry out scientific studies on Roma.