Roman Fever (Improving Social Integration and Employability of Disadvantages Persons Grant Scheme)

EU funding: 119,759.75 EUR


3rd Party Contributions: 6,000 EUR


Duration: 12 months (31.10.2017)


Beneficiaries: Construction Sector Workers' Solidarity Association


Implementing Partners: Kayseri Melikgazi Municipality


Overall objective: Supporting disadvantaged women living in Kayseri by psychological, social rehabilitation and community programs to increase their employability for newly completed residences apartment cleaning and household cleaning areas.


Main activities:

  • Increasing the number of families and their children's own needs by ensuring that their families and children are literate.
  • Certifying the selected individuals by giving socialization, communication and hygiene trainings.
  • Giving detailed information about hygiene-providing chemicals, abrasives, properties and mechanical cleaning tools used in house and construction cleaning.
  • Ensuring that occupational safety, health and first aid training are completed and eliminating the obstacles to work in construction work.
  • Establishment of a job search centre.


Estimated results:

  • Literacy training was given to 80 women and 160 children.
  • Psychological and social support trainings were provided.
  • Provision and certification of hygiene training were provided.
  • Occupational health and safety trainings were provided.
  • First aid and rescue trainings were given.
  • Home and construction building cleaning trainings have been provided.