Şadiye Dinç – Red Meat Production

Şadiye Dinç

EU Funding:  132,559

Duration:  11 Months and 5 Days

Beneficiary:  Şadiye Dinç

Overall Objective:  Investments in Physical Assets of Agricultural Holdings / Red Meat Production

The Needs the Project Met and its Benefits:

Our province in general and especially Çerkeş district have quite important opportunities for goat and sheep enterprises. Thousands of sheep and goats used to be produced in our district. However, the number of livestock has significantly decreased. We used to live in İstanbul. We moved back to our hometown when my husband retired. Although both of us were willing to be engaged in livestock production, I had to convince my husband especially to apply to the Agriculture and Rural Development Institution. ARDSI originating from Turkey and European Union is an important institution for rural development. All employees supported us patiently and willingly both in the application and implementation processes. And without ARDSI, it would have been hard to set up such an enterprise. This facility we have set up with the grant costed approximately 1 million TL. IPARD Programme provided a grant of almost 500 thousand TL for our project. We started the business with 200 Sivas Kangal sheep. We commune with animals and our sheep here. We do not feel stressed as in İstanbul. We provide employment for 4 people and we have a veterinarian. We are aware of animal selection in fattening. Sivas Kangal sheep is quite adaptable to the region and easy to handle and also, it gains remarkable amount of meat in a short fattening period, and yields substantial amount of carcass meat. We sell our meat to İstanbul and we are very happy with the investment we did.