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Samsun International Accredited Metal Metrology and Calibration Laboratory

Samsun International Accredited Metal Metrology and Calibration Laboratory established through this Project is responding to the laboratory need of enterprises wishing to grow and embrace sustainable success in the metal sector. 

Chemical and mechanical analyses, tests and necessary measurements of materials can be conducted at this international laboratory, and calibrations on specific aspects can be done, so the structure of materials can be comprehensively examined at this centre. This accredited laboratory will identify the quality and standard of the metal products in the domestic market and facilitate export. In addition to responding different analysis, measurements and tests required by SMEs that manufacture or export in the metal and machinery sector, it will also provide R&D support and training services.

Especially in calibration, which means testing whether a device conducts the right measurement or not, this laboratory will be the 3rd largest laboratory after Gebze and Ankara. In the laboratory mechanical tests (analysis and tests), metrology and calibration will be provided as a service with the help of over 180 equipment. Thanks to mobile devices, measurements of immobile devices will be done onsite, and dust, humidity, vibration or temperature, pressure, velocity and potency calibrations will also be conducted. 

They will be able to compete with proven quality and standards, and their efficiency will increase since they will be employing new and advanced technologies in manufacturing. Consequently, this will contribute to the economic strength of the region. As the certificates issued by this laboratory will be valid at the international level, it is also expected to serve businesses abroad.

Together with Samsun, other provinces of the region such as Çorum, Amasya and Sinop rank among the top in metal merchandise and machinery production activities. For instance, in Samsun where medical device manufacturing is a highly developed industry, there are over 150 businesses specialised in this field alone. Similarly, production of automobile spare parts and other metal castings take place in this region with a total value amounting up to millions of Turkish Lira. 15% of the metal manufactured in Turkey is exported from Samsun.