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Sivil Düşün

Sivil Düşün is a technical assistance programme that responds directly and swiftly to the needs of civil society and active citizens in Turkey. It offers practical ways to ensure the participation in EU programmes of civil society organisations, networks, and activists in a progressive, flexible, and inclusive way. This programme aims at improving the environment for active citizenship and strengthening the capacity of organised active citizens.

Sivil Düşün was launched by the EU Delegation in Turkey in 2012 under the IPA II Civil Society Facility Turkey Programme. With its successful presence in Turkey, Sivil Düşün entered its third phase (Sivil Düşün III) in June 2018. Applications to receive Sivil Düşün's support are accepted from individual activists, associations, foundations, networks, platforms, unions, and city councils.

Since the launch of Sivil Düşün, over 3,000 applications have been received, out of which 794 actions were selected for implementation.

Sivil Düşün continues to bring together activists and representatives of civil society organisations, networks, platforms, foundations, unions, and civil initiatives across Turkey through its CSO Forums, Advisory Committee Meetings, Info Days, consultative meetings, and trainings since April 2014.