Sivil Düşün EU Programme


Background Information

Initiated five years ago, it is one of EU's flagship programmes that is known and recognised for its flexible and customized support which it can provide to Civil Society Organisations and activists in the country through the Active Citizenship Mechanism. Since it has been launched, Sivil Düşün has achieved impressive results: over 15,000 participants attended 700 events, 4500 persons participated in more than 240 workshops. And 400 initiatives have been supported throughout the country. The programme will go on in the forthcoming years with hopefully an even more flexible approach.


1) Active Citizens Mechanism

2) Visibility and awareness raising

Budget (EU contribution): Total: 4.989.460 EUR (Phase II) (Phase I: 2.050.000 EUR)

Beneficiary and partners: Civil society organisations and activists in Turkey

Sivil Düşün EU Programme directly managed by the EU was kicked-off in April 2013.

The objective of the technical assistance contract is to improve the environment for active citizenship and to strengthen the capacity of organised active citizens, the project will provide for:

- An 'Active Citizen Mechanism', that is a facility for activists, Civil Society Organisations and platforms/networks of Civil Society Organisations for interpretation, translation, travel, ad hoc expertise, etc. to increase the participation of citizens in the civil life.

- A 'Visibility and awareness-raising' component will raise awareness of Civil Society Organisations about EU support to civil society and ensure its visibility.

Under the framework of Sivil Düşün Phase I (Nov 2012 / Nov 2016), 1,823 applications were received under the Active Citizenship Mechanism out of which 476 are supported (in kind support up to 10.000 EUR).

An interactive website is operational since April 2013, together with a Facebook page and a Twitter account. The use of social media has proven to be an excellent tool to promote EU visibility.

Sivil Düşün Phase II was kicked-off in March 2016.