Social and Economic Cohesion through Vocational Education

General Information

Title of the action

Social and Economic Cohesion through Vocational Education

Priority sector

Socio-Economic Support

Implementing partner

KfW Development Bank


Ministry of National Education (MoNE)

Duration (months)

43 (Starting date: 14/11/2017)

EU budget (EUR)

50,000,000 EUR Contracted under IPA funding.


Summary of the Action

Main objectives

The overall objective of the Action is to foster social and economic cohesion of Syrian refugees and Turkish host communities by improving their employability and qualifications.
The specific objective of the Action is to increase the access to inclusive quality vocational education and training (VET) for Syrians under Temporary Protection (SuTP) and Turkish adolescents in trades with a high demand on the labour market.


8 provinces with high concentration of refugees; Adana, Bursa, Gaziantep, Hatay, Istanbul, Kilis, Mersin, Sanliurfa.

Expected results

1. Equipment for workshops of VET Institutions will be procured, installed and adequately used.
2. Access to vocational education of SuTP students will be enabled by providing support packages (for transportation, educational and practising material and lunch).
3. Awareness of SuTP and Turkish adolescents about possibilities of VET will be improved via communication and information activities.

Target groups

Syrian and Turkish adolescents (9th to 12th grade, 14-17 years)

Main activities

1. Identification of schools and needs assessment.
2. Student support packages and awareness raising activities.
3. Awareness Raising Activities.
4. Procurement of consultancy services, assignment of an Implementation Consultant (“IC”).


Progress of Action as of 28.02.2018

State of progress