Sorgun Enterprise Development Centre Project

A shared facility consisting of 34 workshops in different sizes is established in Sorgun with an aim to support entrepreneurs and start-ups. It is foreseen that entrepreneurs in textile and clothing, furniture, food, chemical and metal industries will benefit from the project.

This shared facility will help eliminate the startup problems for new initiatives. İŞGEM business plans and handbooks are prepared for a robust institutional infrastructure. Personnel of the Centre are supported with professional development programmes and capacity building services based on the training analysis conducted. 

Business plans are outlined, and business development service is offered to İŞGEM’s occupants. Entrepreneurs are informed on business development centres (incubators), entrepreneurship and SME support in the seminars held in Sorgun and Yozgat. Involvement of women, young and disabled entrepreneurs are encouraged to take a place in İŞGEM.

Sorgun, which is affiliated to Yozgat in Central Anatolia region, is a trading centre with small industrial sites, a sugar factory, Yeni Çeltek coal facility, health services, trade and manufacturing of various food and nonmetallic mineral products. Despite the high entrepreneurial spirit, Sorgun is incapable of adding significant value to the region’s economy since industrial sites cannot be established due to reasons such as lack of a strong business infrastructure to facilitate assembly of small-scale enterprises and difficulties in finding capital.