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Strengthening the Infrastructure for Furniture Production Project (Mobi̇tek)

The Project fills in the gap in the production support and business development services, which are required by SMEs to transform their very own unique designs into products. The Project aims at enhancing competitiveness, productivity, marketing skills and product development capacity of SMEs, and it targets offering services to over 1500 SMEs situated in Kayseri, operating at various stages of the furniture manufacturing sector.    

To respond to the high demand for solid wood furniture, SMEs of the region do need several training sessions and guidance on many topics, which include marketing and foreign trade. 

The common-use facility built under the Project offered a solution for the need of a machinery park similar to the ones used by giant furniture manufacturers. With this, SMEs can now process the raw material and the end products are coming out of the production units of SMEs. 

Another vital service of the facility is on “business development” processes. Training programs in marketing and foreign trade are offered to local furniture manufacturers at the new facility. The social, technical, production and communication technologies support provided to SMEs from several divisions within MOBİTEK, also ensure the improvement and sustainability of the institutional infrastructure of the facility. The project is contributing to the achievement of 2023 objectives of the Kayseri Furniture Industry.


Kayseri hosts well-known national and international furniture brands, with at least 40% of the furniture sold nationwide and contributes 35% of Turkey’s furniture exports. However, Kayseri performs below its real capacity. SMEs cannot accept large-scale orders due to challenges they face with regards to mass production. With the increase in demand for solid wood furniture in the world, there is a growing need for more sophisticated machinery and standardised quality. In other words, lack of advanced machinery park reduces SMEs competitiveness significantly, and for many small sized enterprises, it becomes impossible to compete.