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Strengthening intermodal transport

Strengthening intermodal transport


In Türkiye, the bulk of freight and passenger transport is road based. The constant increase in volume was a burden on road infrastructure and was no longer sustainable. Promoting intermodal transport – the combined transport of goods by rail, inland waterway, sea and air – would help ease pressure on the road network, by shifting heavy loads to rail and sea. The overall result would be safer, more environmentally friendly and economically efficient. To achieve this, however, a public body to coordinate the different transport modes was necessary.

The aims of the project and its core activities

The aim of this project was to prepare a forward-looking strategy for Türkiye to increase the rate of intermodal transport and align Turkish with EU legislation on intermodal transport between member states and strengthening the capacity of the Directorate General for Land Transport (DGLT) of the Ministry of Transport in this regard.

Twinning arrangements with relevant agencies in EU member states was a central component of the project. Personnel from the DGLT and other key institutions received training and participated in internships in EU member states in best practices in intermodal systems, at logistic centres, ports and railways. They also inspected and studied the policies and the legal frameworks governing these systems. Experts from the member states also conducted training seminars in Türkiye for central and regional Ministry of Transport staff.

In order to draft a legislative framework to make Turkish law compliant with EU regulations on intermodal transport, experts from EU member states reviewed existing legislation. This was followed by workshops, seminars and round-table meetings and study tours in Türkiye with relevant public institutions, transport sector associations and NGOs.

At the same time, workshops were held for relevant stakeholders (including the Undersecretariat for Maritime Affairs and Turkish State Railway), transport associations representing the various sectors, universities and NGOs to devise an intermodal transport strategy. The focus was on sea and road (Ro-Ro) and rail and road (Ro-La) transport, port and custom regulations as well as management.


IPA I (2007–2013)


  • Budget: €1 million (EU contribution €950,000)
  • Province: Nationwide
  • Status: Completed in 2013