Supporting the National Institutions in Turkey to Mitigate the Impact of the Syrian Refugee Crisis



General Information

Title of the action

Supporting the National Institutions in Turkey to Mitigate the Impact of the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Priority sector

Protection, Socio-Economic Support and Education

Implementing partner



Directorate General for Migration Management, Ministry of Family and Social Policies, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities, Ministry of Interior

Duration (months)


EU Contribution (EUR)

40,000,000.00 EUR - 100 % of total cost. Contracted under IPA II (pre-Facility) funding.


Summary of the Action

Main objectives

The overall objective is to strengthen social cohesion and integration of Syrians under temporary protection in local communities in Turkey.
The specific objectives are, to increase the economic and social resilience of host communities and the capacity of public authorities in Turkey, and to manage the continual inflow of Syrian refugees, facilitating local integration and reducing inter-communal tensions.



Expected results

1. Reception conditions are improved.
2. Prevention, identification and response to SGBV are strengthened.
3. Protection of children is strengthened.
4. Extremely vulnerable individuals meeting resettlement criteria are identified and submitted for resettlement.
5. Access to tertiary education is supported.
6. Increased access of refugees to reproductive health services. 
7. Livelihood and self-reliance opportunities are increased.
8. Community mobilization and social cohesion is strengthened.

Target groups

Syrian refugees, host communities, national and local authorities and local non-governmental organizations.

Main outputs

1. 30,000 refugees receive counselling support through DGMM's call centre.
2. 40,000 refugees benefit from interpretation support.
3. 1,000,000 refugees reached by the mass information and communication campaign.
4. 51,000 Syrian refugees submitted for resettlement.
5. 10,000 refugees and members of host communities benefit from awareness-raising campaigns.
6. 9,000 children benefit from child-friendly spaces.
7. 2,274 Syrian refugees benefit from scholarships for higher education preparation programme.
8. 5,500 adults provided with vocational training.
9. 60,000 refugees benefit from the multi-service centres.
10. 10,000 women benefit from the services provided by the women’s health centres.
11. 190,000 persons benefit from the health kits.

Main activities

1. Strengthening the coordination capacity of DGMM through seconded staff.
2. Organizing study tours on reception conditions for civil servants.
3. Organizing a one-day study tour debriefing workshop.
4. Providing support to DGMM call centre.
5. Setting-up a pool of mobile interpreters.
6. Training partner staff and refugee outreach volunteers on international protection and asylum law.
7. Training local authorities, partner staff and refugee outreach volunteers on SGBV prevention and response.
8. Carrying out awareness-raising events on SGBV.
9. Providing support to women's shelter.
10. Training local authorities, partner staff and refugee outreach volunteers on child protection.
11. Carrying out awareness-raising activities on child protection issues.
12. Supporting Child Friendly Spaces.
13. Carrying out Best Interest Assessments and Best Interest Determinations.
14. Training authorities on the identification and referral of cases for resettlement.
15. Processing resettlement cases.
16. Providing scholarships for higher education preparation programme.
17. Promoting retention of Syrian students enrolled in Turkish universities.
18. Running women’s health centres.
19. Distributing reproductive health kits to refugees.
20. Organizing workshops to enhance cooperation among stakeholders.
21. Organizing a regional conference on refugees, labour and development.
22. Developing and disseminating information materials on access to livelihoods and self-reliance.
23. Providing adults with vocational training opportunities.
24. Providing adults with a start-up entrepreneurship training programme.
25. Providing Turkish language courses.
26. Running multi-service community centres.
27. Establishing a network of refugee outreach volunteers.


Progress of Action as of 27.07.2017

State of progress


Results achieved

1. 2 embedded UNHCR staff at DGMM for capacity building.
2. 43 interpreters assisting DGMM.
3. 9,683 resettlement cases submitted.
4. 709 students received scholarships.
5. 131 ROVs provide services.
6. 50 NGO representatives participated to two trainings.
7. 1,000 refugee children were reached through awareness raising activities during '16 Days of Activism' campaign.
8. 1,249 refugee children were supported through Child Friendly Spaces with the provision of recreational activities, psychosocial support, informal education and Turkish Language courses. 
9. 183 BIAs and 78 BIDs were conducted through UNHCR’s implementing partners.
10. 37 advisors provide counselling to students.
11. 100 people from government institutions, NGO’s and private sector joined to the workshops.
12. 98,178 refugees received assistance through multi-service Community Centres in the areas of healthcare and social services, mental health services (MHPSS), non-formal education and legal counselling (disaggregated by services).