Supporting the work of local human rights boards and raising awareness of women’s rights

Supporting the work of local human rights boards and raising awareness of women’s rights


The National Human Rights Institution, which was established in 2012, is the co-ordinating body for state agencies dealing with human rights. While it enjoys a reputation in civil society for its work, there are some concerns over the effectiveness of its 81 provincial and 891 subprovincial human rights boards, which also include local CSO representatives working on voluntary basis. For example, there is no standard among the boards on how to evaluate and treat allegations of human rights violations. More awareness-raising efforts on the human rights of women are also required.

The aims of the project and its core activities

Directed by the National Human Rights Institution, the overall aim of this project is to increase the public’s understanding of human rights in general. A particular focus of the project is the need to highlight the right of women to participate in social, economic and cultural life and to utilise all measures to prevent domestic violence and “honour” killings.

The project has three components. The first aims to set standards for handling complaints as well as monitoring the human rights situation at provincial and subprovincial level. This involves training selected members of provincial and subprovincial human rights boards in establishing the required procedures for recording claims of human rights violations.

Safeguarding women’s and children’s rights are at the core of the second component. Members of all provincial and subprovincial human rights boards will be given specific training in these rights and on how to accept and process reports of violations. Training will also be provided in dealing with complaints from refugees, asylum seekers and undocumented immigrants.

The third component comprises a publicity campaign. Activities will include talks in schools on children’s rights and public meetings with local CSOs on women’s rights.


IPA I (2007–2013)


  • Budget: €2.5 million (EU contribution €2.25 million)
  • Province: Nationwide
  • Status: Ongoing (completion expected in 2016)