Syriac Women’s Center – Project of Common Sense Platform for Democracy and Human Rights (closed)

EU Funding: EUR 150,000

Duration: 15 months (end date: 31/07/2015)

Beneficiaries: Southeastern Syriac Culture and Improvement Society (TURABDIN) / Güneydoğu Süryani Kültür ve Dayanışma Derneği

Implementing Partners: NA

Overall Objective: The project intends to contribute to the respect for the right to education of ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities in Turkey according to international standards and on equal footing and tackle the discrimination these communities face within the education system.

Main Activities

  • Project Preparation Activities
  • Application and Training Activities
  •             Publicity Activities and Publications
  •             Art Workshop Activities
  •             Closing and Sustainability Activities


Estimated Results

From final report: What is your assessment of the results of the Action?

We have observed that every day and in every activity the number of the participants has increased. Transportation is a problem in our region; many women in villages don’t have possibilities to come to the center. So we tried to visit them and give our courses in the villages or brought them to our center. We saw the difference with brainstormings, when just a few women participated in the first, but in the last, many women participated. We have reached a lot of women from region, but we still try to increase the number. As a result of this project we trusted in our activities has taken a very good role for the change of Syriac Women and now on July we formally became an association. We came to this situation because of this project. However, this is an obvious thing that Syriac Women need such serve and activities to be continued. Now, we continue our serve to Syriac women as an association. We have opened Syriac Women Association on 23.07.2015 formally. We will make the first congress of the association on 24th of January 2016. Also all members of Syriac Women Association (which are almost 70 women) are women who had participated to our activities. Also this kind of works should be increased for association and members to be strengthened. Syriac Women Center project was a base and background, and to be able to improve it, more projects like this should be done.

Other provinces where the project is implemented in, if any: NA

Remark for Ambassador:

Following the completion of the action, the project was audited by the external auditors recruited by the EUD. Procurement manager visited the project in February 2015. Based on this visit, procurement manager recommended that the project is put under the Audit Plan 2016 (basically due to some concerns about the purchase of some equipment). From an operational point of view, it can be mentioned that the project achieved its main objective (establishment of the Syriac Women’s Centre). However, due to the findings of the audit, a small recovery may occur. This was the first EIDHR project of the beneficiary (Southeastern Syriac Culture and Improvement Society / Güneydoğu Süryani Kültür ve Dayanışma Derneği - TURABDIN)