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Team Europe

The main objective of Team Europe is to provide accurate and objective information on EU-related matters to various target groups. Team Europe members take part in seminars, conferences, training schemes, television programs, etc., upon request to inform various sectors of the public. Institutions in Turkey can apply to have experts participate in their activities. In responding to these requests, the EU communication support project team searches the database for viable candidates, contacts the expert(s), and offers choices (if available) to the institution filing the request.

Please check below for a list of Team Europe Experts.

* The views expressed in events by members of the Team Europe Speakers Group are the sole responsibility of the experts and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.

  • Ceren Ayas YILMAZ

    Institution: European Climate Foundation
    Field of Expertise: Climate, environment
  • Çiğdem TOKER

    Institution: Cumhuriyet Newspaper
    Field of Expertise: EU-TR relations, accession process, foreign policy
  • Derya SEVİNÇ

    Institution: Ankara University
    Field of Expertise: Ankara Univ. Institute of Social Sciences - EU Programme - EU Economics,Trade Policy
  • Dr Selma ACUNER

    Institution: European Women's Lobby, KA-DER
    Field of Expertise: Association for Supporting and Educating Women Candidates
  • Dr. Dilek KURBAN

    Institution: TESEV
    Field of Expertise: Human Rights Resident in Berlin*
  • Dr. Mihtat Can BAYDAROL

    Institution: Kültür University
    Field of Expertise: Enlargement of Customs Union in new sectors, EU Expert
  • Dr. Nuran TALU

    Institution: Global Balance Association
    Field of Expertise: Environment policies, climate change
  • Dr. Tolga ŞİRİN

    Institution: Marmara University Institute of Social Sciences
    Field of Expertise: Human rights, equality, identity and minorities
  • Emrah KIRIMSOY

    Institution: Gündem Çocuk
    Field of Expertise: Child Rights – Justice and Protection System
  • Eray AKDAĞ

    Institution: Borusan Holding- Public Policy and Corporate Relations Director
    Field of Expertise: Communication strategy of EU

    Institution: Kalkınma Atölyesi /Development Atelier
    Field of Expertise: Seasonal Workers - Children
  • Ezgi KOMAN

    Institution: Childrens rights – Child Labour – Lack of Penalty and Law enforcement/Gündem Çocuk
    Field of Expertise: Child rights
  • Fatma ÇAĞLAR

    Institution: Ministry of Trade
    Field of Expertise: Customs Union, Trade, Customer policies
  • Gökay Özerim, PhD

    Institution: Yasar University
    Field of Expertise: International migration, security studies, civil society
  • Hatice KAPUSUZ

    Institution: Association for Supporting Women Candidates
    Field of Expertise: Gender Equality
  • İlknur ÜSTÜN

    Institution: Women’s Coalition
    Field of Expertise: Women’s Rights
  • Lecturer Emre GÖNEN

    Institution: Istanbul Bilgi University
    Field of Expertise: Department of International Relations - Political and Diplomatic History Customs Union
  • Mehmet Onur YILMAZ

    Institution: Amnesty International, Solfasol Newspaper
    Field of Expertise: Human Rights - Local Media
  • Nuray MERT

    Institution: Cumhuriyet Newspaper
    Field of Expertise: EU-TR relations, accession process, foreign policy
  • Nurseren BUDAK

    Institution: AVEO Consultancy
    Field of Expertise: Agriculture, food and livestock
  • Pr. Emeritus. Korel GÖYMEN

    Institution: Sabancı University
    Field of Expertise: Local and metropolitan government in Turkey and the EU, regional and spatial policy of EU and Turkey, NGO Governance and its role in Local Development, EU's 2020 Program and common challenges facing EU and Turkey
  • Prof. Ayhan KAYA

    JM Chair
    Institution: Istanbul Bilgi University
    Field of Expertise: EU Institute Manager, EU integration, EU policies
  • Prof. Berrin ATAMAN

    JM Chair
    Institution: Altınbaş University
    Field of Expertise: Social and labor (employment) policies&gender equality
  • Prof. Canan BALKIR

    Field of Expertise: JM Chair - Retired EU integration, EU policies
  • Prof. Dr. Ahmet EVİN

    JM Chair - Retired
    Institution: Sabancı University Istanbul Policy Center
    Field of Expertise: EU integration, EU policies / Jean Monnet Professor - European Policy Studies Sabancı University Emeritus Professor