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Team Europe

The main objective of Team Europe is to provide accurate and objective information on EU-related matters to various target groups. Team Europe members take part in seminars, conferences, training schemes, television programs, etc., upon request to inform various sectors of the public. Institutions in Turkey can apply to have experts participate in their activities. In responding to these requests, the EU communication support project team searches the database for viable candidates, contacts the expert(s), and offers choices (if available) to the institution filing the request.

Please check below for a list of Team Europe Experts.

* The views expressed in events by members of the Team Europe Speakers Group are the sole responsibility of the experts and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.

  • Prof. Dr. Sanem BAYKAL

    Institution: Ankara University Faculty of Law & Deputy Head of ATAUM
    Field of Expertise: EU Law
  • Prof. Dr. Zeki ERDUT

    Institution: Dokuz Eylül University
    Field of Expertise: JM Chair, Social and labor policies
  • Prof. Meltem MÜFTÜLER-BAÇ

    Institution: Sabancı University Istanbul Policy Center Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
    Field of Expertise: JM Chair EU integration, EU policies
  • Prof. Selma ACAR

    Institution: Kocaeli Üniversitesi, Social Services Experts’ Association/Gündem Çocuk
    Field of Expertise: Gender Equality
  • Prof. Sinem AKGÜL AÇIKMEŞE

    Institution: Kadir Has University - Department of International Relations
    Field of Expertise: European and EU integration, European Security and EU Foreign Security policies, EU-TR relations

    Institution: Network of Lawyers specialised in the field of Children/Gündem çocuk
    Field of Expertise: Child Rights and Law
  • Selen DOĞAN

    Institution: Flying Broom
    Field of Expertise: Forced Marriages- Child Brides

    Institution: Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fishery
    Field of Expertise: Fishery
  • Ürün GÜNER

    Institution: Free Lance – Consultant to CHP MP Gülsün Bilgehan
    Field of Expertise: Social policy ve legislation on gender quality policy, forced marriages
  • Zafer GÜNAL

    Institution: Turkish National Agency, Middle East Technical University
    Field of Expertise: EU Educational Policies and Programmes, Erasmus+, Erasmus+ Sport; Project Management