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Thermostat 6 still

Thermostat 6 (5')

International title: Thermostat 6

Original title: Thermostat 6

France, 2018, 5’

Language(s): French

Director: Maya Av-Ron, Mylène Cominotti, Marion Coudert, Sixtine Dano

Synopsis: Diane can’t ignore anymore the leak coming from the ceiling above the family diner…

Director’s bio: Maya Av-Ron, French-American former student from GOBELINS, is a 2D background artist, concept artist who also enjoys directing.

Mylène Cominotti was born in Annecy. She graduated from GOBELINS in 2018 where she got a Master of Art in Animation. She is now a 2D character animator and also make character design.

Marion Coudert is a French 2D animator who graduated from GOBELINS and had her Master of Art in Animation in 2018. She also works as a storyboarder.

Sixtine Dano is a 2D animator, graduated from GOBELINS in 2018, currently based in Paris. She also enjoys directing and giving life to stories through illustration, storyboard, colors and backgrounds production.