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The bow of a ship in Istanbul's commercial port

Transportation Flagship Projects

Streamlining national law with EU directives and regulations on the environment is an important step in preparing for membership of the union. Türkiye’ s IPA funding supported key projects that improved the lives of everyday citizens, such as improving air quality in major cities by stepping up emissions controls on land and at sea, providing municipalities with water and wastewater systems and rolling out bathing water monitoring. In the realm of transport, the state institutions in the maritime, land transport, civil aviation and railway subsectors received assistance in becoming more competitive through restructuring. In addition substantial financial cooperation was provided to Turkish Railways in improving key parts of the rail network, particularly the Köseköy–Gebze section of the Ankara–İstanbul high-speed railway. Support was also provided in integrating Türkiye’s power network with the European-wide grid and significantly improving the legal and regulatory framework in line with EU standards and acquis.