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The Ombusdman building in Ankara

Twinning Success Story

A reliable and accountable public administration – The EU supports Turkey's Ombudsman institution

A European Union-funded project has supported the efforts of the Ombudsman Institution of Turkey to becoming a reliable and trusted accountability mechanism.

The objective of an ombudsman institution is the independent, impartial, and confidential investigation of complaints from individuals about the conduct of the public administration in order to provide fair solutions. Establishing an effective ombudsman institution is therefore an important step for Turkey in safeguarding fundamental rights.

During a period of 24 months and with an EU support of €1.5 million, the Ombudsman Institutions of Spain and France shared their expertise and knowledge in the framework of a Twinning project with the Ombudsman Institution of Turkey.

The project aimed at strengthening the institution and building its reputation as an effective new mediation mechanism. It made a strong contribution to increasing individuals' trust in the public administration, setting solid bases for the continuation of work in this direction.

The project partners from Spain and France trained the ombudsman staff in key areas, such as women's and children's rights, anti-discrimination, labour rights issues, migration and asylum, as well as relations with civil society groups. Together with the Turkish Ombudsman Institution, they developed a "train-the-trainer" programme and drafted various operational and procedural manuals.


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