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water eyes

Water Eyes / Tuã Ingugu (8')

Year: 2019

Director: Daniela Thomas

Duration: 8

Language(s): Portuguese

Country: Brazil

Cinematography: Leo Bittencourt

Sound Recording: JulianoZoppi

Editing: Daniel Thomas

Production company: Syndrome Films

Synopsis: As the Xingu indigenous live in close symbiosis with water, rivers in Sao Paulo are perishing due to worrying levels of water pollution. This short movie captures the relationship between the Xingu community and their river and the emotions of one of them when he is taken to see Sao Paulo rivers.

Directors bio: Daniela Thomas is a director, playwright, set designer, screenwriter and art director. She co-directed several films with Walter Salles. In 2009, she co-directed with Felipe Hirsch the feature Sunstroke. Premiered at the Berlinale, Vazante (2017) was her solo debut in directing a feature. She was one of the directors of the collective films Paris, Je T’aime (2006), Stories on Human Rights (2008), Half the Sky (2018) and Interdependence (2019).