Women in Business Programme in Kayseri

Project Title: Turkey – Women in Business Programme (also widely implemented in Kayseri)


EU funding: 38,000,000 EUR


Duration: 4 years (2014- 2017)


Beneficiaries: Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR)


Implementing Partners: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)


Overall objective: To promote women’s entrepreneurship in Turkey, and more broadly women’s participation in business.


Main activities:

  • Dedicated credit lines of up to EUR 300 million to five Turkish banks for on-lending to eligible women-led SMEs provided by the EBRD.
  • Advice for Small Women-Led Businesses for the purpose of facilitating increased access to know-how and non-financial development services for women-led SMEs, as well as access to markets through networking opportunities.


***Within the scope of the Programme, the Project team has started 79 on-going business coaching projects with local consultants in 23 different provinces throughout the country. 29 women-led SMEs have benefited from counselling services in Kayseri.