Young Machine Maintainers Training Project with the Training Program Based on Qualification (Promoting Youth Employment in Sectoral Investment Areas Grant Scheme II)

EU funding: EUR 286,878


3rd Party Contributions: EUR 92,182


Duration: 14 months (completed on 30.04.2017)


Beneficiaries: Tüm Belediye ve Genel Hizmet İşçileri Sendikasi (Trade Union)


Implementing Partners: Seyyid Burhaneddin Technical and Industrial Vocational High School


Overall objective: To provide vocational skills and competence to young people by applying qualification based education programs; providing youth participation in the workforce; to provide certification through an accredited testing and certification system.


Main activities: Giving general skills training to young people in priority sectors to provide vocational training in priority sectors / vocations for young people, to provide employment-oriented courses for young unemployed; providing counseling services for young people to establish their own businesses in the appropriate sectors identified in the guidebook; providing training on entrepreneurship for the eligible sectors, through various research techniques it is possible to conduct post-school research to determine the status of young people in the labour market.


Estimated results:

  • Kayseri Education and Employment Platform was created and convened 5 times.
  • Sectoral / Local Vocational Training Cooperation protocol was signed by the project parties.
  • A qualification based training program was created for the Machine Maintenance (Level 4) profession, courses were announced and interviews were held. Training sets are ready. Training tools and equipment were purchased.
  • 80 trainees were enrolled with the public employment agency (İŞKUR) and insurance for occupational accident occupational diseases was made.
  • For 15 students from 4th grade received 320 hours theoretical 160 hours of practical vocational training. 120 hours of personal development training was given.