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Gıda Güvenliği ve Kontrol Sisteminin Güçlendirilmesi ve Yeniden Yapılanması


When this project was launched, Turkey’s food industry comprised 28,000 firms. While the larger companies in the food industry had made progress in meeting EU food quality requirements, many medium and small businesses did not have the resources to achieve this. In addition, regulatory and control institutions were still in their infancy and needed to be strengthened in line with EU practices. To become a candidate country meant Turkey had to work to prevent fraud in the industry and protect consumers from unsafe food. This required an efficient and effective food control system.

The aims of the project and its core activities

The objective of this project was to bring Turkish food safety and control systems into line with the EU’s food safety policy. This objective involved assisting the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock in designing and implementing an efficient and effective food control system.

In order to achieve this goal, Turkey sought the assistance of an EU member state in three key areas. This cooperation resulted in the full adoption of relevant EU regulations into Turkish legislation, the improvement of the training of food inspectors and the publication of guides for businesses involved in the industry.

Inspectors were provided with the necessary equipment to carry out effective controls. Moreover, inspection programmes were devised and a computerised food control system was developed.