Bafra Business Development and Support to Export Centre Project

A new Centre for Business Development and Support to Export (BİGEM) is built in Bafra to provide training, consultancy and support services to existing enterprises, and particularly start-ups to encourage them to take steps towards exporting and extending their product range.

BİGEM remedy the deficiencies concerning market knowledge, preparation, financial sources and technical know-how and like needed, for export. The centre will provide business development support for exports by forming the necessary infrastructure.

The aim of the project is to enhance the business volume of a minimum of 30 enterprises in the region, ensure that products with high added value are marketed by improving the industry capacity, maximise the export potential through training and publicity activities and support new entrepreneurs.

The project, which assists SMEs in increasing their investments on product development, marketing, branding, standardisation also render legal advice for the enterprises. BİGEM, which supports easy access to financial resources, also offers business, export, clustering development activities and Internet service. 

At least ten training sessions are planned under the project, and a framework for BİGEM’s services are designed in light of the information obtained from the diagnostic study.  A handbook followed by a business plan comprising the marketing strategy, human resources planning, sustainability and business analyses are developed in this respect.


Agriculture is the most important source of income in Bafra, which possesses one of the most fertile plains of Turkey. Products such as wheat, maize, sugar beet and especially tobacco provide a high yield. In addition to agriculture, forestry, textiles and food industries are also significant for the district.  Bafra not only has fertile lands but also is in a highly advantageous strategic location.

2.6 million Euro 

Project Owner & Partners
Bafra Organized Industrial Zone Executive Board in partnership with Governorate of Samsun, Bafra Municipality and Bafra Chamber of Commerce and Industry ​​​​​​​

Implementation Area

Detailed Information
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