Education for All Times in Crisis I

Title of the action

Education for All Times in Crisis I



Priority sector

Education Infrastructure

Implementing partner 


EU Contribution (EUR) 

70,174,976.00 EUR - 100 % of total cost. Contracted under EUTF funding

Main objectives

The overall objective is to cater longer-term development needs to displaced persons, in particular education for children. The specific objectives are: 1. To increase the access to inclusive quality primary and secondary education opportunities for Turkish and Syrian children and youth I Construction of approx. 26 schools, including school furniture and equipment. 2. To increase the implementation and management capacity of MoNE (cooperation with international donors and financing institutions, cross-cutting design criteria for schools).


Adana; Adıyaman; Gaziantep; Hatay; İstanbul; Kahramanmaraş; Kayseri; Kilis; Konya; Mersin; Mardin; Osmaniye; Şanliurfa