Projects under Sivil Düşün I and II

Our Events before and after March 8, 2014 - Antalya Kadın Danışma Merkezi ve Dayanışma Derneği/Antalya Women’s Solidarity Center and Solidarity Association

Expenses of the march with a torch, brunch and dinner, press release and film screening for the March 8 week are covered for the association which in engaged in struggle with violence against women in Antalya and offers psychological and legal support to women.

Budget: 3.000,00 EUR


Civil Initiative for Leopard - Doğal Kaynak ve Biyolojik Çeşitliliği Koruma Derneği/Preservation of Natural Resources and Biological Diversity Association

A photograph of a dead leopard was found in Siirt in 2010, the said leopard species was thought to become extinct in the 1970s in Turkey. However, the photograph of the leopard was only reached 2 years later because of insufficiency of the animal surveillance systems. With the study, the importance of preservation of the leopard species is told to the public and a network comprised of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Works provincial directorates and CSOs is being created with the capacity to collect information about the leopard from the public. Awareness about preservation of endangered species is targeted with the study.

Budget: 8.450,00 EUR



What Do House Women Want? - İmece Kadın Dayanışma Derneği/İmece Women’s Solidarity Association

The social gender roles assign the household space to women. However, women feel lonely in coping with the patriarchal rules. Moreover, the laws do not consider the position of women in the house. Nobody has an idea about what kind of demands women might have. What do housewives go through, what do they want? House meetings were organized to raise awareness and improve visibility in the public domain and solidarity among housewives.

Budget: 12.400,00 EUR


Association Website Design - Doğal Kaynak ve Biyolojik Çeşitliliği Koruma Derneği (DOĞADER)/Preservation of Natural Resources and Biological Diversity Association

The association is seeking website design, hosting  and translation support of website.

Budget: 6.450,00 EUR