Greece- Turkey Wild Orchids Conservation Platform - Sails for Science Foundation / Antalya Orkidelerini ve Biyolojik Çeşitliliği Koruma Derneği

A network of Greek and Turkish entities working in the field of conservation and protection of the environment, specifically wild orchids will be established. A new innovative common tool and methodologies for education in environmental protection will be created. Common guidelines will be prepared for species monitoring to increase awareness of Turkish and Greek citizens about specific endangered species and threats. Also, the aim is to inform the Turkish society, especially CSOs, local authorities and relevant stakeholders about EU environmental policies and legislation.

Budget: 151.113,75 EUR

Main Activities

  • Best practices are analyzed and transferred.
  • A Digital Interactive Education Platform is created.
  • Common guidelines and a monitoring protocol for orchids are elaborated.
  • A documentary film is prepared.          
  • A study visit to Greece (Samos) including a 1-day workshop and 3 lectures is organized.
  • 1-day workshop in Antalya, Turkey is held.
  • An International Conference in Turkey is organized.