Youth @ Work Project - Antalya Avrupa Birliği Çalışmalarını Destekleme Merkezi Derneği

A sustainable cooperation between Turkish and European CSOs working on youth entrepreneurship will be established. Young people will be supported to develop their entrepreneurship skills. Also, the aim is to promote tools, opportunities and sources of EU on entrepreneurship, to enable exchange of best practices on entrepreneurship education for young people, and to develop tools and policies to extend entrepreneurship education in higher education and universities.


Budget: 166.465,25 EUR


Main Activities

  • Training modules for the training of trainers are designed under the scope of the project.
  • Entrepreneurship camps (both national and International) are organized.
  • An entrepreneurship game set is designed as a mobile application.
  • An entrepreneurship contest titled “Best Idea” is organized.
  • A study visit to Italy is organized to understand the entrepreneurship culture in different countries.