Aircraft Maintenance Technician Training

EU funding: 333.600,00 EUR

Duration: 12 months

Beneficiaries: Batı Akdeniz Kalkınma Ajansı (Western Mediterranean Development Agency)

Implementing Partners: Süleyman Demirel University

Overall objective: The aim of the Project is to support youth employment in Göller (lakes) region (Isparta, Burdur) and to make employment permanent, thus contributing to the development of the human resources capacity needed by the developing aviation sector. 

Main activities: Providing trainings of European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for youth people with a duration of 12 months to ensure their employment in order to meet the needs of certified technicians needed by the airline maintenance industry in the region.

Estimated results:

  1. A training curriculum compatible with the EASA 66 certificate was established.
  2. Pre-training, trainees were provided with job-register records in İŞKUR to enable active monitoring after the training.
  3. Four promotional meetings were held at the regional level to register potential trainees.
  4. Selection criteria were established for the identification of participants. An election commission was established within the project stakeholders.
  5. A training visit to Antalya Airport was carried out for the inspection of the pre-training sector with 100 courses and the determination of the current situation. In this context, participants were provided with an interview with the sector representatives to increase the pre-training motivation of the trainees.
  6. A research study was made on the Hamburg Aviation Cluster in order to examine as an example of the international underground for the planned aviation cluster in the region.
  7. 100 youth were provided training with the curriculum to becomeaircraft maintenance technicians with internationally validated certificates. At least 10 of them were employed at Süleyman Demirel Airport.