Increasing the Adaptability of Employers and Employers in the Tourism Sector Project (TUYUP)

Project was launched in January 2014 and concluded in July 2016. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism was the beneficiary. Project developed a series of programmes to support environmentally conscious business policies across all Turkey. Antalya was a leading beneficiary of the project.


The project has provided the tourism sector with 630 ‘green-collar’ workers. In addition, 4674 tourism sector employees benefited from trainings offered through the voucher system.


Other achievements include:

  • the number of Green Star (Environmentally Friendly Accommodations Facility Certification) certified businesses in the tourism industry increased from 121 in 2014 to 363 after project completion.
  • 15 tourism establishments received the “Centre of Best Practices” award
  • the “Green Women Leaders” programme, including 20 different training topics on environmental management, has empowered women employers in the tourism sector.
  • businesses under the programme reduced their energy and water consumption by 30 percent
  • Green rooms were set up inside hotels. They were fitted with natural ventilation and drying systems.
  • Employees were given training on the use of insecticides and chemicals.
  • Establishments planted trees and engaged in organic farming.
  • The establishments were briefed on native plants and endangered animal species, with ‘green workshops’ to educate individuals about how to conserve them.
  • By the end of the project 15 tourism enterprises have strengthened their cooperation with environmental NGOs. NGO membership among employees have risen.


Budget: 7.700.000 EUR