Make a Difference, Add Value to Local

EU funding: 243.473,15 EUR

Duration: 12 months

Beneficiaries: Akdeniz University

Implementing Partners: Adrasan Belediyesi (Adrasan Municipality), Kemer Turizm Eğitim Merkezi (Kemer Tourism Education Center)

Overall objective: It aims to contribute for increasing the employment of the young people who have a significant share in the country's population but cannot take place in the employment market adequately; and make a difference locally.

Main activities:

  1. Supporting 30 young people to gain the basic skills and competences that will increase the employment potential in tourism which is the leading field of Adrasan region through trainings.
  2. Participation of 30 young women who live in the town and have not had a regular income, in the labour force by considering the cultural values of Adrasan and protecting the natural environment.


Estimated results:

  1. Analysis made on the young woman living in Adrasan
  2. Cultural values unique to Adrasan were unearthed and presented as a product.
  3. Prefabricated Workshop Office for Ecological Product Development Training was established.
  4. 60 young people received  Cooking and Ecological Product Development Training and 30 internship opportunities were offered.
  5. General and entrepreneurial skills of young people were improved.
  6. Young women came together and set up their own business.
  7. A guidebook on young workers in tourism was prepared.
  8. Agro Tourism seminar was held twice for public participation.
  9. 60 students receiving tranings, were taught English as a tourist, taking vocational courses.
  10. 30 menus were created and 5 gourmet chats were organized.
  11. Within the scope of Adrasan's Tat Kat Days.
  12. Touristic sales products containing local food and souvenirs were created and sold in the local product market.
  13. The understanding of cooperation, solidarity and equality between young people has improved.
  14. A study trip to Ayvalık was organized with 30 young people living in the region for research, investigation, presentation and good practice examples of local products.