Solution for Youth Unemployment with Natural Gas

EU funding : 397.693,80 EUR

Duration: 12 months

Beneficiaries: Akdeniz Belediyler Birliği (Akdeniz Union of Municipalities)

Implementing Partners: Konyaaltı Belediyesi (Konyaaltı Municipality)  Batı Akdeniz Kalkınma Ajansı (Bati Akdeniz Development Agency), Türkiye Doğalgaz Dağıtıcıları Birliği Derneği (Türkiye Natural Gas Distributors Association)

Overall objective: It is aimed to decrease the youth unemployment rate by increasing the employability of young people and to ensure the continuity of employment for young people by creating new employment areas.

Main activities:

  1. 150 young people aged 18-29 in the province of Antalya will be able to enter the labour market as a technical pesant in the natural gas sector within 12 months through training and consultancy.
  2. 30 young people aged 18-29 will be introduced to the labor market as entrepreneurs in the natural gas sector within 12 months through training and consultancy.
  3. To develop sustainable cooperation between distributor and interior plumbing companies demanding labor force in the natural gas sector and institutions that provide vocational training to these students in the province of Antalya.

Estimated results:

  1. 50 steel-iron welders, 50 polyethylene welders and 50 heating & natural gas interior installation construction workers were raised.
  2. The entrepreneurship skills of 30 potential entrepreneur has been improved.
  3. The personal development of 180 young people was supported and the level of availability increased.
  4. A career support & counseling office was established to support young people's employment.
  5. Cooperation was established between the natural gas sector (labor demand) and local authorities (labor supply) that provided vocational training courses.