Bulancak Water and Wastewater Project - GİRESUN

Final Beneficiary (as per article 15 of the Financing Agreement): Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation


End recipient of assistance: Bulancak Municipality


The eligible expenditure is EUR 21,789,504. The maximum IPA contribution to the project is EUR 18,521,078.


The area considered for the provision of water services under this project is that area enclosed by Bulancak Municipality boundary. Bulancak is one of the sub-provinces of Giresun situated in the Black Sea Region of northeastern of Turkey. With a population of 38 546 Bulancak is the largest town in the province apart from Giresun itself. The main project components are new wells to be drilled in the place of the existing ones, replacement of the transmission lines, reconstruction of the water storage tanks, replacement of the pumps in the existing pumping station and renovation of these stations. In addition investments are proposed in leak detection and replacement of pipe network. The local monitoring system for the water supply system will be performed not only for water loss control but also for the efficient operation of the system.


The project, as a whole, is composed of the following components:

* Works Component 1: Construction of water supply system. Contract signed on 18/03/2013. Contract is expected to end on 24/03/2017 (including the DNP). Contract amount: EUR 9,808,614.84 Contractor: Ludvig Pfeiffer in consortium with Vestan and Aker

* Works Component 2: Construction of wastewater system and wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). Contract signed on 14/08/2015. Contract is expected to end on 01/02/2018 (including the DNP). Contract amount: EUR 7,560,464 Contractor: Mass Arıtma

* Service Component: Technical assistance for supervision of construction works as well as capacity building. Contract signed on 03/06/2013. Contract is expected to end on 15/11/2017. Contract amount: EUR 2,454,000 Contractor: WYG Int. in consortium with WYG Int. Ltd and Haskoning DHV

* Supply component: Supply of equipment to increase the capacity of the Bulancak Municipality (supply of computers, GIS, mapping equipment and hydraulic software, supply of leak detection equipment). Tender launched in July 2017 for 3 lots, resulted in signature of contract for one of the lots in March 2017, while the other two lots were cancelled. In May 2017 tender was re-launched for one of the two lots cancelled, while the other lot is completed removed from scope of EU funding as the Bulancak Municipality committed to purchase the content of supplies in that lot, notably; computers and software.