Changing Lives with Chocolates

EU Funding: € 135.985,19 (total budget € 143.142,30)

Duration: 12 months

Beneficiaries: Giresun Sosyal Hizmetleri Destekleme ve Geliştirme Derneği (Association for Supporting and Improving Social Services)  - Adress: Sultan Selim Mah. Çapulacılar Sok. No.5/8

Implementing Partners: Giresun İl Özel İdaresi, Giresun Halk Eğitimi Merkezi Müdürlüğü  (Giresun Provincial Administration, Giresun Provincial Directorate of Public Education)

Overall Objective: The overall objective of the project is to ontribute to the reduction of unemployment and poverty in the target group through occupation and employment in the field of pastry and handmade chocolates in Giresun. It also aims to contribute to the employment of the target group in the handmade chocolates and pastry sector; encourage entrepreneurs to unite under the cooperative roof of the sector; contribute to local development; and activate the regional chocolate image and tourism potential.


Main Activities:

  • Training of trainers,
  • Establishment of pastry and chocolate training workshop
  • Handmade pasrty and chocolate vocational courses
  • On the job training and internships
  • Business education and ınternship in private sector
  • Occupational guidance
  • Establishment of production cooperative
  • Organizing the chocolate festival


Estimated Results:

  • The project target group received occupational training and were employed in the handmade chocolates and pastry sector.
  • Contributed to the prevention of unemployment, poverty and migration in the disadvantaged part of Giresun via occupational cooperative;
  • An occupational cooperative established ensure the sustainability.
  • Disadvantaged part of Giresun were given marketing opportunity in order to support them to sell their products