Improving The Qualİty Of Vocatıonal And Technİcal Education In Turkey Grant Scheme (IQVET) ( completed)Improving The Quality Of Vocational And Technical Education In Turkey Grant Scheme (IQVET) ( completed)

EU Funding: € 5,201,712 (total budget of grant projects implemented in Ordu/Giresun)


Duration: 12 months


Beneficiary: Ministry of Labour and Social Security


Overall Objective: To increase the quality of vocational and technical education and training addressing particularly curriculum, teachers, learning environment and school managers; make VET an attractive option for students; promote cooperation between social partners, schools and VET centres and private sector.


Main Activities supported:

  • Improving the capacity of vet teachers and master trainers
  • Increasing the pedagogical and vocational capacity of students and graduates of vet
  • Improving the capacity of vet and relevant ınstitutions:
  • Increasing social partnership and raising awareness on vet education


Estimated Results:

  • Developed/revised and implemented vocational training courses curricula , modular programs and relevant e-learning  materials in cooperation with relevant sector representatives;
  • Education tools such as multimedia and e-learning material developed and implemented for VET;
  • Comprehensive and scheduled awareness raising events organised with the cooperation of private sector to increase awareness among the sector;
  • Partnership protocols between VET institutions, social partners and the private sector;
  • VET institutions with improved capacity and programs;
  • VET teachers, master trainers, counsellors and school managers trained;
  • Students provided with vocational and career guidance services


Please see the list of the grant projects implemented under aforementioned program in Ordu:



Project Title

Project Budget

Grant Amount

Altinordu Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School

Voluntary Masters

145,096.10 EUR

124,811.66 EUR

Ordu University Technical Sciences Vocational School

Training Of Machinery Producers Within The Framework Of European Qualification Standards And Imprving Their Qualifications

203,420.00 EUR

183,078.00 EUR

Lifelong Education and Personal Development Association

Informatic Mobile Software Trend

160,810.00 EUR

144,729.00 EUR