Development of Basic and Vocational Education Activities for Women in Yahyalı (Lifelong Learning II Grant Scheme)

EU funding: 137,217.44 EUR


3rd Party Contributions: 13,722 EUR


Duration: 12 months (completed on 30.09.2017)


Beneficiaries: Yahyalı Municipality


Implementing Partners: Directorate of Yahyalı Public Education Centre


Overall objective: Strengthening the economic and social integration of disadvantaged women in Yahyalı and disseminating basic and vocational training activities for women


Main activities:

  • Establishment of classroom and workshop environments where women can receive education together with the Yahyalı Public Education Center (YHEM) in municipal structures.
  • Ensuring that unemployed women acquire their employability and income by acquiring vocational qualifications and job skills for the needs of the local tourism sector labour market.
  • Increase the capacity of women to express themselves, their role in society and access to public services through basic education programs.


Estimated results:

  • 100 women received vocational training in weaving and silver processing in the centre which was established within the scope of the project and was directed to establish their own businesses through entrepreneurship training.
  • 100 participants have been tested and gained certificates of professional knowledge and skills.
  • 150 persons have gained certification from the basic skill courses; 50 women attended the literacy course and 100 women participated in the English Levels A1 and A2.
  • 250 participated in communication training in social and business life.