Kayseri Employment Centre For Disadvantaged People (Improving Social Integration and Employability of Disadvantages Persons Grant Scheme)

EU funding: 190,869 EUR


3rd Party Contributions: 9,544 EUR


Duration: 12 months (31.10.2017)


Beneficiaries: Nuh Naci Yazdan University


Implementing Partners: Kayseri Chamber of Industry


Overall objective: To increase the social integration and employability of persons with physical disabilities and ex-convicts in Kayseri region, facilitating access to the labour market and eliminating barriers to entry into the labour market.


Main activities:

  • Providing guidance and counselling, general skills trainings, vocational training on furniture upholstery, wooden sharpening, tailoring.
  • SME Agency approved entrepreneurship trainings.
  • Providing on-the-job training.
  • For the elimination of prejudice and discrimination awareness meetings, seminars and conferences.
  • Establishment of "Kayseri Employment Centre for Disadvantaged Persons"


Estimated results:

  • 100 ex-convicts and 60 physically disabled persons were informed about individual employment action plans by taking advantage of guidance and counselling services.
  • 100 ex-convicts and 60 people with disabilities participated in general skills training (literacy, computer and internet use, individual development) and vocational training (furniture upholstery, wood shaper, tailoring).
  • 20 ex-convicts and 20 persons with disabilities participated in entrepreneurship trainings.
  • 100 ex-convicts and 60 physically handicapped persons benefited from guidance and counselling services.