Training In Preparation For School And Life (Increasing Enrolment Rates Especially for Girls II Grant Scheme)

EU funding : 249,513.30 EUR


3rd Party Contributions: 27,724 EUR


Duration: 12 months (completed on 31.10.2016)


Beneficiaries: Yahyalı Municipality


Implementing Partners: Ömer Emine Akın Anatolian High School, Deanship of Faculty of Education, Erciyes University, Directorate of Yahyalı Public Education Centre


Overall objective: Supporting girls at the stage of secondary education and vocational technical education who had problems with attending school to increase the rate of attendance.


Main activities:

  • Providing trainings for 20 unemployed disadvantageous girls
  • Providing trainings for 20 teachers/managers
  • Awareness raising activities for students who have difficulty in attending the school, visits to headmen, families of the girls etc.


Estimated results:

  • 20 unemployed disadvantageous girls were trained
  • 20 teachers/managers were trained
  • 555 students who have difficulty in attending the school attended the seminars
  • 100 students' awareness are raised on the area of vocational training
  • Headmen (40 Quarters and Villages) received trainings
  • Families of girls who have difficulty in attending the school, were visited

Girls who stay in guest houses were informed