Improving The Quality Of Vocational And Technical Education In Turkey Grant Scheme (IQVET) (completed)


EU Funding: € 5,201,712 (total budget of grant projects implemented in Mardin)

Duration: 12 months

Beneficiary: Ministry of Labour and Social Security

Overall Objective:

  • To increase the quality of vocational and technical education and training addressing particularly curriculum, teachers, learning environment and school managers;
  • To make VET an attractive option for students;
  • To promote cooperation between social partners, schools and VET centres and private sector.

Main Activities supported:

  • Improving the capacity of vet teachers and master trainers
  • Increasing the pedagogical and vocational capacity of students and graduates of vet
  • Improving the capacity of vet and relevant ınstitutions:
  • Increasing social partnership and raising awareness on vet education

Estimated Results:

  • Developed/revised and implemented vocational training courses curricula , modular programs and relevant e-learning  materials in cooperation with relevant sector representatives;
  • Education tools such as multimedia and e-learning material developed and implemented for VET;
  • Comprehensive and scheduled awareness raising events organised with the cooperation of private sector to increase awareness among the sector;
  • Partnership protocols between VET institutions, social partners and the private sector;
  • VET institutions with improved capacity and programs;
  • VET teachers, master trainers, counsellors and school managers trained;
  • Students provided with vocational and career guidance services

Please see the grant project implemented under aforementioned program:


Project Title

Project Budget

Grant Amount

Mardin Public Education Center

Developing Vocational Education For Gastronomy In Mardin

163,074.00 EUR

146,776.60 EUR