Promoting Women Employment Grant Scheme (completed)


EU Funding: € 2,525,547.71


Duration: 12 months


Beneficiary: Ministry of Labour and Social Security


Overall Objective: The scheme aimed to improve women’s employability, support women’s entrepreneurship and diminish cultural and other obstacles that hinder women’s participation in the labour market. The target groups were long term unemployed women, and women out of labour force living in urban areas including those formerly employed in agriculture. A total of 131 projects with a value of ca. € 24 million (with 85% EU co-financing) were implemented between July 2010 and October 2011 by NGOs, education institutions, professional organisations, social partners and local authorities. The value of individual projects ranged from € 66,000 to € 396,000. A variety of actions including in the fisheries sector, care services, tourism, food processing, entrepreneurship, information technologies, viniculture, mosaics design have been supported (the list of awarded projects is attached). The projects included skills training courses, job guidance services, empowerment activities, provision of childcare facilities for the target group, or a mix of the above.


Main Activities:

  • Increase capacity to design local strategies for the promotion of women’s employment and to develop a “model”.
  • Produce labour market analyses and identify employment opportunities accessible to women.
  • Adapt career information, vocational guidance and counselling services to different groups of women.
  • Promote networking between the grant projects and the participating women.


Estimated Results: As a result of the grant scheme, about 9900 women have benefited from the 131 projects implemented, which imply an average cost of € 2400 per person. The participants have been provided with a daily stipend of maximum €8 to cover their transport and meal costs. This was a strong incentive to increase participation levels. Majority of the women are secondary school graduates or below, with no or low skills. Eventual job placement rates are low, remaining at 20% of all participants. However anecdotal evidence obtained through interviews with the grant beneficiaries and participating women demonstrates that placement rates are in fact much higher when the informal sector is considered as well. While this is not a desirable situation, it reflects the realities of the Turkish labour market.

Please see the list of the grant projects implemented under aforementioned program:



Project Title

Project Budget

Grant Amount

Nusaybin Public Education Center

Education For Ensuring The Employability Of Women In Tourism Sector

260,095.60 EUR

234,086.04 EUR

Törkad Association for the Prevention of Honur Murders and the Assessment of the Potential of Women

Women In Every Where, Women In Every Job

388,435.15 EUR

349,591.63 EUR

Midyat Vocational Training Center (Mesem)

Attendance Of Women At Midyat To Occupational World

140,689.35 EUR

126,620.41 EUR

Mardin-Midyat Söğütlü Municipality

Women Of Midyat In Common Mind Organization

344,960.00 EUR

310,464.00 EUR