Ordu Wastewater Treatment Plant Project


Final Beneficiary (as per article 15 of the Financing Agreement): Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation


End recipient of assistance: Ordu Metropolitan Municipality


The eligible expenditure is EUR 25,365,000. The maximum IPA contribution to the project is EUR 21,789,750.


Realization of the Ordu Wastewater Treatment Plant Project will be a major contribution to the improvement of the infrastructure for the protection of the environment, since it will improve the wastewater services and enhance the ecological status of the Black Sea which is at increasing risk of eutrophication and has been considered as a sensitive area with specific attention given to the reductions of nitrogen and phosphorous loads.


This project comprises the following components:

* Works Component 1: Construction of the main wastewater treatment plant [The plant includes a biological treatment with nitrogen and phosphorous removal. It has physical and mechanical primary treatment; anaerobic, anoxic and aerobic bioreactors, and sludge treatment facilities. The effluent is discharged via the marine outfall system), and retrofitting of existing residential Kumbası WWTP (The wastewater treatment plant in Kumbası is upgraded (carbon removal system converted to nutrient removal) for the compliance with the discharge criteria as stipulated in the EC Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive 91/271/EEC]. Contract signed on 21/10/2011. Contract ended on 14/09/2017 (including the DNP). Contract amount: EUR 10,997,065.95. Contractor: Mass Arıtma

* Works Component 2: Renewal of water and sewerage networks. Contract signed on 28/12/2015. Contract is expected to end on 28/11/2018 (including the DNP). Contract amount: EUR 10,802,993.54. Contractor: Ecetaş

* Service Component: Technical assistance package aiming at 1) a leak detection study 2) a survey in order to find out the illegal connections to and from the storm drainage system and 3) Supervision, including TD preparation for the second phase 4) capacity building and awareness activities, 5) development of the drinking water monitoring programme in compliance with the Council Directive 98/83/EC of 3 November 1998 on the quality of water intended for human consumption and, as the present project targets only the most urgent investment in the networks, 6) technical assistance for preparation of the next phase investment project. Contract signed on 12/10/2011. Contract will end on 30.11.2018. Contract amount: EUR 2,594,075. Contractor: WYG International Ltd (in consortium with Pöyry Environment GmbH and WYG International Danışmanlık Ltd.)

* Supply component: Supply of equipment enabling efficient monitoring and maintenance of the networks. Consists of 3 lots. All equipment are delivered and being used. Contracts are in defects notifications period (DNP).




1 - Combined Suction / Flushing vehicle

2 - Inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometry for drinking and waste water analyses

3 - Mobile Laboratory

Contracted amount

€ 269,700

€ 92,219

€ 32,940

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Fırıncı Orhan (TR)

MYB Rönesans (TR)

Seha (TR)

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