Health Infrastructure in Kilis

General Information

Title of the action

Health Infrastructure in Kilis

Priority sector

Health Infrastructure

Implementing partner

Council of Europe Development Bank


Ministry of Health (MoH)

Duration (months)


EU budget (EUR)

50,000,000 EUR Contracted under IPA funding.


Summary of the Action

Main objectives

The overall objective of the Action is to facilitate access to health care for Syrians under Temporary Protection (“SuTPs”) and host communities while alleviating the pressure on existing health infrastructure and services.
The specific objective of the Action is to increase the physical capacity for healthcare in Kilis through the construction and equipment of a second state hospital with at least 300 hospital beds serving the Syrian refugee and host communities.



Expected results

1. A second state hospital will be constructed and equipped in Kilis.
2. Hospital capacity in Kilis will be increased by a minimum of 300 beds.
3. Quality and accessibility of health care premises in Kilis will be increased.

Target groups

Syrian refugees and the host community in Kilis.

Main activities

1. Construction and equipment supply for the new state hospital.
2. Technical and financial monitoring of the project implementation.
3. Communication and visibility activities.


Progress of Action as of 28.02.2018

State of progress