Strengthening Economic Opportunities for Syrians Under Temporary Protection (SuTP) and Host Communities in Selected Provinces

General Information

Title of the action

Strengthening Economic Opportunities for Syrians Under Temporary Protection (SuTP) and Host Communities in Selected Provinces

Priority sector

Socio-Economic Support 

Implementing partner

World Bank (WB)


Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR)

Duration (months)

48 months (Starting date: 01/01/2018)

EU budget (EUR)

€5,000,000 Contracted under FRIT-IPA funding.



Summary of the Action

Main objectives

The objective is to assist Turkey to strengthen its capacity to assess demand for skills, support job creation and entrepreneurship in selected provinces with high incidence of Syrians under Temporary Protection (SuTP) and evaluate results. 


Adana, Hatay, Istanbul, Şanlıurfa, and Mersin, or Gaziantep

Target groups

Syrians under temporary protection and Turkish host communities

Expected results

1. Employers’ demand for skills in provinces with high incidence of SuTP is assessed and shared with all stakeholders to identify the needs of private sector with regards to skills and competencies. 

2. A sustainable business model for female-led social enterprises is developed.

3. The effectiveness of job creation and entrepreneurship support programs for SuTP and Turkish citizens in provinces affected by high influx of SuTP are assessed. 

Main activities

1. Provision of technical assistance to the Turkish Employment Agency (ISKUR) to: 

(i) enhance its capacity to conduct the Labor Market Demand Analyses (LMDA); and 

(ii) develop a methodology to cross-check the findings from such survey with other source of information (including on-line job search)

2. Implementation of a skills and occupation assessment, including dissemination activities to inform the participating stakeholders to design and conduct skills-training based on market needs.

3.Provision of technical assistance support to promote female-led social entrepreneurship to: 

(i) support the Government and local authorities to develop and implement a sustainable business model for social enterprises run by female entrepreneurs from SuTPs; and 

(ii) document the experiences of social enterprises, underlying the factors behind achievements and challenges, and highlighting the main lessons learnt and their implications for scaling-up similar initiatives; 

4. Facilitating and supporting potential beneficiaries’ access to existing and new entrepreneurship incentives through: 

(i) identifying the main barriers that eligible SuTP and Turkish citizens face to access existing jobs, the creation of entrepreneurship support programs and propose concrete actions to eliminate those barriers

(ii) developing a proposed strategy for the selected public agencies to facilitate and improve the access of potential beneficiaries (from SuTP and Turkish citizens) to the existing and new entrepreneurship incentives.

5. Conducting an evaluation to examine the impact of the employment services and ALMP sequence, in order to inform a potential scale-up, introduce modifications, and draw lessons. 

6. Conducting the assessment of micro-grants; all of which would be carried out under the Employment Support Project for Syrians under Temporary Protection and Host Communities.




Progress of Action as July 2018

State of progress